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Board of Trustees

The board of trustees comprises several parent representatives elected by parents of the school, a staff representative elected by the staff, and the principal. The board is elected every three years to undertake the governance of the school.  The current board was elected in June 2016.

Board of Trustee Members are:

Ryan Edwards – Chairperson
Sonia Emerson – Treasurer
Peter Verstappen – School Principal
Scott Mackenzie – Staff Representative
Olivia Krammer – Secretary
Brad Pyers – Board Member
Sarah Ching – Board member
Lea Galvin – Board member

Board responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the school charter, goals and strategic plan.
  • Establishing policies that guide the management of the school.
  • Staff appointments and development.
  • Building and ground management.
  • Finance / budget management.
  • Consultation with and reporting to the community.
  • Health and safety management within the school.

Board meetings are held monthly at 5.30pm in the school staffroom.  All meetings are open to the public, and parents are always welcome. Meeting dates can be found on the school calendar and are advertised in the school newsletter.

A copy of the standing orders and board minutes from the latest meeting are able to be viewed in the school foyer.

Education Review Office (ERO) Report

The latest ERO report for Wakefield School can be found here.

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