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Welcome to Piwakawaka Team

New Entrants - Year 1

In our learning space, you will find the newest entrants to Wakefield School. Our learning environment and teaching team are fun, friendly and welcoming.

We regularly welcome visitors, their parents and caregivers, and local early childhood educators into our school on Wednesday afternoons during Discovery time.

Our Piwakawaka children feel proud of their achievements and we encourage parents, caregivers and grandparents to come into the classroom before and after school so they can share their learning.

Our Learning Programme

A smooth transition from early childhood education to school is important to us, so in Piwakawaka we provide a programme with lots of opportunities for children to choose from at various learning stations. We value hands-on activities and base our learning stations around the children’s interests. Teaching takes place with small groups of children throughout the day with a strong focus on the children seeing themselves as learners.

Learning Highlights in Term 4

Mrs D brought along some tadpoles, froglets and frogs. We have the tank in our classroom and love to watch them grow and change.

Hail Storm

There was a hail storm on Tuesday last week. The hail looked like snow on our playground.


We love to read! We read to our teachers, we read to our friends, we read to our buddies and we read to ourselves

Our Teachers

Leanne Hough
[email protected]

Anna Doblanovic
[email protected]

Heather Stanton
[email protected]

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