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Welcome to Toroa

Years 3 and 4

We are a group of 78 children and 3 teachers who work in a collaborative learning environment.  Within the Toroa walls,  Rms 1, 2, and 3, we are one team!  Our students will work primarily with their home base teacher but will also experience the flexibility that our classroom space provides.  We will encourage this in a variety of ways, through group learning, discussion, and collaboration that encompasses our whole team. Our learning is based on the School Values and the well-being of our students.

We are also a part of the Totara Syndicate which includes Rooms 7, 8, and 9.

Some of the ways we like to share our learning are through our Google accounts, at assemblies, talking with our whānau, and of course inviting them into the classroom to see what we have been up to when the situation allows.

We are excited about all the upcoming events this year at school. We welcome communication from whānau so please feel to contact us to discuss your child’s learning. We look forward to meeting with you all.

Our Teachers

Kent Davis
[email protected]

Heather Stanton
[email protected]

Lee Henaghan
[email protected]

Rachel Daniel
[email protected]

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