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A Note from the Principal


                             The Wakefield Learner Profile                             


Last October we held an event called the Big Picture Day where a lot of us (teachers, students, parents, trustees and community members) took a long, hard look at what we do at Wakefield School and what we would like to do in the future.  The Big Picture day led to the changes we’ve introduced this year that you will be aware of.  It also grew this document – the Wakefield School learner profile.

The learner profile is an attempt to capture the things we think are the most important outcomes of our children’s education.  It describes the knowledge, attitudes, values and skills we want our children to possess by the time they leave this school. 

The learner profile fits alongside our STAND values and the vision of developing confident, lifelong learners.  The design of the learner profile captures the sun element in the school logo, just as the STAND values are represented in the logo’s kahikatea trees.   By the way, a big thank you to Amanda Ledger for the design.

This document is really important because it will be the standard against which teachers will decide what to put into their learning programmes and what to leave out: we will constantly ask ourselves as we make choices about your child’s learning, “is this the best activity or idea to move our children towards the learner profile?” 

And because it is so important I want to know if it works for you.  Have we got it right?  Do you agree with the things we’ve identified?  Are there things missing that you’d like to see, things that should be more prominent?

By the way, “kaitiaki” refers to the concept of guardianship – of the environment, of each other, of our heritage.


Tell me what you think!


An exciting sponsorship

I am delighted to announce that Wendy Pearson of Heyward Real Estate has agreed to sponsor our school rock bands and other performance groups.  This valuable sponsorship allows us to pay our specialist music teachers for the work they do to prepare the performance groups (please note, this does not cover the cost of the individual music lessons children receive from these teachers).  We are very grateful to Wendy for her support of this vital part of our school learning programme.  Thanks Wendy!

School Open Day coming up

Watch out for the grand opening of our refurbished Rooms 1 and 2 on Friday 23 May.  On that day we will open the whole school to parents and community members so you can see our new way of learning in action and find out more information about the changes we are making.  Put this in your diary now and plan to spend an hour or so here on that day. 

Enjoy a happy Easter holiday.

This is our final newsletter before the Easter break.  I wish you and your family a very safe and happy holiday. 


Peter Verstappen

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