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A Note from the Principal

Dear parent, caregiver, whanau,


Starting thoughts for the end of year

On Tuesday 16 December in the evening we will hold a new and special event at Wakefield School, an assembly to celebrate our successful school year, award prizes and farewell our Year 6 leavers.  Put this date in your diary now.  

We expect all our students and most families to attend, which presents us with the problem of our hall being too small.  We’re thinking of all sorts of ways to solve this problem, one of which is to hold the event at a bigger venue, probably in Richmond.  

So I need your feedback: would you travel to Richmond for Wakefield School's end-of-year awards assembly?  

Tell me now: email, Facebook or texts are all good.  


Big ideas from Big Picture Day 2014

On Saturday 11 October about 75 people gathered for our second Big Picture Day - a day when we look at what we’re doing and how we can make learning richer and more successful for your child.  We had some great presenters, including: Dr Brian Annan from the University of Auckland, Margaret Giroux and Verena Gruner from the Democratic Education movement, Guy Redmond from Leaves Of Green landscape designs and Lee Corlett, Nelson’s physical activity guru.  

Very briefly, by the end of the day we had decided the following actions will be our priority for the next while:

This is the briefest of descriptions and if you want to know more about these ideas, especially if you want to add your voice to developing our pathway to the future, give me a call or come and talk about it.  This is exciting stuff that will challenge and transform your concept of schooling and your child’s education so I encourage you to stay informed and, better still, get involved.

Have a beaut week,

Peter Verstappen

Ph. 021 047 1092

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