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Summer Swimming - Yes!


We all agree that our swimming pool is one of our greatest assets at Wakefield School.  In the parent survey earlier this year the approval rating for the pool and swimming programmes was almost unanimous.  


It is very satisfying to see the pool up and running for the new season and our children receiving fantastic swimming instruction from Karyn Young and her team.  At ten lessons for just $30.00 cost to families this is amazing value and we thank Sport Tasman and Water Safety New Zealand for their generous subsidy of our swimming programmes through the Kiwisport and Swim for Life funds, which halves the cost to families for the swimming lessons.  As I observe our children at swimming lessons I’m pleased to see their skills from last season are still in place and being rapidly extended.


As you probably know, we owe our swimming facility to the foresight of the Ministry of Education and the community, the generosity of benefactors and the Tasman District Council, and the hard work of school staff and volunteers over 20 years.  You may not be aware that the pool is owned and managed as the Wakefield School and Community Swimming Pool Incorporated Society, a completely separate entity from the school.  


At a time when other communities and schools are closing pools ours continues to flourish, which happens through the dedication of a small management committee of volunteers.  This year the committee has worked overtime to see through some important maintenance projects which have our pool looking the best it has done in years.  I also mention Bruce Puklowski’s dedication in managing the upgrades, and the 101 other jobs he does to keep the pool in excellent shape.


We now have 5 months of great swimming ahead of us so I hope you have bought your key.  Key sales make up over 90% of the committee’s income so your support is vital to keep our pool looking good and doing its job providing recreation and swim training for our children and families.




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