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We Want You!



We’re always trying to improve what we do at Wakefield School and for that we need to know what our parents and caregivers think about the teaching and learning that’s happening for your children. 


So, this year as in the past we will be holding a parent information and strategic planning event early in Oct/Nov.  We want it to be an event that attracts heaps of parents so we’re asking you to complete a very short - one question! - survey to tell us what kind of event you would be most likely to attend.  We’re offering these options:


•An open day where you can spend time in the school and see teaching and learning in action.

•An evening ‘learning showcase’ where children share their learning with parents and teachers run workshops around some important programmes and new ideas.

•A strategic planning day of the type we’ve run in the past, with guest speakers, workshops and presentations from children.  This would be either on a Friday afternoon/evening, or a Saturday.

•Another option of your choice - please specify.


To do the short survey please click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser:

Your support is hugely appreciated and we look forward to seeing you at our event later in the year.


 A Big Week!!

Next week is huge for your child and Wakefield School, with both the Totara (senior) Production and book week happening.  Please keep in touch with all the news about these events via notices, emails and Facebook.  Once again the book week will feature the Scholastic Book Fair, a great opportunity to stock up on good value books, pre-purchase gifts for birthdays and Christmas (only 130 days to go!!), and activities both fun and informative, like Brucie’s Big Boys Breakfast, girls author sessions, and the fabulous book parade on Friday. 






Dropping off and Picking up your Child

This is an old complaint but a real one.  Please, please use the drop-off zone in the carpark correctly.  Here are a couple of pics to make the point.


The drop-off zone is a drive-through only space.  When you use it as a parking space it blocks the flow of traffic and creates hazards for children and adults walking through the car park.  Your sensible use of the drop-off zone is much appreciated.  Thank you.


Have a beaut week


Peter Verstappen 








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    Policies and procedures for Wakefield School can be found here:

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Here’s What We Mean by ‘Student-Led Learning’


Jordan, who is six years old, was recently appointed to our Student Council as a representative of Matai Kereru team.  Last week our Council meeting clashed with scooter training for Jordan.  He came to the office to tell me but I was out, so what did Jordan do?  He wrote me this letter:



To mistir vstn

Sore I cant go to the

Shooht cousool

Becose I

Got scooti

Chraning at



from Jordan.


I love this letter, for two reasons.  First, it is a beautiful expression of a child learning to write; look at how he has made sense of the words ‘student council’, you can hear Jordan picking out the sounds in his mind. 


Second, it is a beautiful expression of student-led learning.  You might ask, ‘what’s he learning?’ but consider this.  Here’s Jordan, 6, as a thinker: he knows he has an obligation to the Student Council, he sees he cannot fulfil it, he comes to tell me, that doesn’t work, he decides he needs to write to me so he creates this letter and brings it to the office.  This is even more impressive because Jordan doesn’t know much about the Student Council yet, he’s only attended one meeting, but he knows he has some sort of obligation to it.  Here’s Jordan as a communicator: if he can’t tell me in person, he’ll slave over this letter to get the message to me.  Here’s Jordan as a planner: he’s thinking ahead and balancing his commitments.  Okay, Jordan will have had some prompts from his teacher, but he’s taken up the challenge and look at what he’s achieved. 


I value the opportunities children have to be leaders at school through the Student Council, committees, monitors and other roles.  Their work in these roles contributes to the smooth running of the school, but as well as leading others they provide real occasions for children to lead themselves, to become masters of their own learning.  And that’s what a democratic curriculum looks like.


Have a good week,




Peter Verstappen 


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