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A Note from the Principal

Hello, tena koe,

Winter is approaching

As I write this a cold dawn is breaking over Wakefield and a diesel tanker has just arrived to refill our boiler’s fuel supply.  Autumn leaves are scattered across the school grounds and there may be a hint of frost along the wooden edges of the playground.  The changing season is captured in this poem by Ursula, aged six:


There is nothing better than watching this wonderful storm

And watching the raindrops fall from the sky

There is nothing better than doing that

Oh is there, I said.

Thanks Ursula for reminding us of winter’s pleasures.

Another pleasure of this season is winter sport.  Once again we have dozens of children turning out for netball, rugby, mini-ball, cross-country, hockey and probably another code or two.  Our courts and fields are a hive of after-school activity and, as always, I’m impressed by the dedication of those parents and staff who support our children’s sporting interests by coaching and managing teams.  Behind the scenes Kathy Ameen works tirelessly to organise the teams and keep everybody in touch with important information.  Thanks to these people for their commitment to our children’s learning and fitness.  

I should also mention that Wakefield School won a $1,000 prize draw at the recent Weetbix Tryathlon, so big thanks to all our athletes who competed at that event.  The money will go towards new sports equipment.

Road safety around the school

Last week was the United Nations Road Safety Awareness week, which was why we had a strong police presence on the streets around school.  Police were pleased with our level of safety at the road crossings and with parents’ compliance with car seat and safety belt laws.  

Traffic flow around school is disrupted at present by the road works on Edward Street.  Please avoid using the school carpark area if you can and be mindful of allowing space for the buses to turn.  I also remind you that if you are walking to school from the Pitfure Road end of town you should walk down to the patrolled crossing on Edward Street rather than crossing the road at the school carpark.  Doing this promotes good road safety habits for your child.

Have a safe week.


Peter Verstappen

Ph. 021 047 1092



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