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Welcome to Toroa Team

Year 4

We are a group of 50 children and two teachers who work in a multi purpose learning environment.  This bird was chosen to represent us because our environment is huge, like the wingspan of a toroa (albatross) and the shape of the two classrooms are like the toroa’s wings and the middle space is like the toroa’s body.

We base our classroom philosophy around our schools STAND VALUES [Possible pic of the stand values] which have been co-constructed by the students in our room.  We have a flexible classroom space that facilitates and encourages group learning and discussion.

We have a range of projects that we are working on and are excited about sharing.  Some of the ways we like to share our learning are through our Google accounts, at assemblies, talking with our parents and of course inviting them into the classroom to see what we have been up to.

Term Four 175th Celebration Learning

It has been a really busy term in the Toroa team. The term began with learning based around the 175th anniversary. We learnt all about different historic New Zealand events and produced mini articles to be used as part of the timeline display. We had fun making old-school radio adverts about some olden-day products and inventions, like the jandal. We also hosted the special assembly where we pretended to be news reporters interviewing well-known kiwi icons, like Richie McCaw, Sir Edmund Hillary and Kate Sheppard.

Now we are busy working towards the end of the year and looking forward to being Year 5’s next year!!

Our Teachers

Bek Gabites
[email protected]

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