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Welcome to Tui Team

Year 3

The Tui team is made up of the hardworking year 3 children from Room 3 and 4. Julie McIntosh is the teacher in Room 3 and Mary McHale is the teacher in Room 4. We have three wonderful teacher aides who work with us and their names are Mrs Ross, Leanne and Jen. We invite you to click on the link below to find out what is going on in the Tui Learning Community. 

Our Learning Programme

The Tui team has been learning about the history of Wakefield. We began by going to look at the Wakefield mural. We were especially interested in the people, the train and the school on the mural and we had many questions about these that we wanted to find out answers to.

To help us find the answers:

  • We wrote letters to experts, looked up books and examined old photos. 
  • Mrs South and Mr Watts came to tell us more about the people in the mural and brought lots of old fashioned items for us to look at.
  • Mr Duncan visited and told us lots of stories about the history of Wakefield School.
  • Lani’s grandad took us on a walking tour of Wakefield to show us where the railway and train station used to be.
  • We wrote letters to an older person to find out what school was like when they were younger.
  • Samali’s granddad came to talk to us about his schooldays.
  • We went on a trip to Founders park in Nelson to find out more about the train and we even found the sister train of the train on the mural there!

Here are some interesting things we learned:

Aimee: “Mary Ann Baigent, who is on the mural, turned her house into a school for her 11 children and the neighbours.”

Isla: “School was different. Boys and girls learned different things. Boys learned woodwork and girls learned about washing, sewing and cooking. I don’t think that was good because girls can do any jobs, even woodwork.”

Hannah: “On Mondays some girls had to stay home to help their mothers with washing. The toilets were only flushed once a week at school, on Fridays.”

Ryan: “The train ran for 79 years and it went all the way from Nelson to Glenhope. The track was never finished. When it closed down heaps of people were very angry.”

Mason: “I liked seeing WF 403 train in Founders Park because it’s nearly identical to the WF404 train on the mural “

We also found out how people dressed in the past. We learned a dance that children did in the past and we practised our dance in old-fashioned clothing to perform at the 175th assembly. 

Our Teachers

Julie McIntosh
[email protected]

Mary McHale
[email protected]

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