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Staff Organisation 2016


Mr Peter Verstappen


Deputy Principals        

Mrs Sue McLaren  

Mr Leith Bruning   


Syndicate Leaders

Matai Syndicate           Mrs Sue McLaren       

Totara Syndicate         Mr Leith Bruning


Matai Syndicate Teaching Teams (Years 0 - 3)

Matai Piwakawaka     Mrs Sue McLaren

Matai Piwakawaka     Mrs Anna Doblanovic

Matai Piwakawaka     Ms Isobel Ford   


Matai Kereru     Ms Loren Watts  

Matai Kereru     Ms Tiffany Woodley


Ms Sylvia Huxtable                      (Matai CRT Release)


Totara Syndicate Teaching Teams (Years 4 - 6)

Totara Toroa    Ms Bek Gabites   

Totara Toroa    Mrs Julie McIntosh

Totara Toroa    Mrs Paula Rowland


Totara Karearea    Mr Kent Davis

Totara Karearea   Mr Leith Bruning   

Totara Karearea  Mrs Kathy Jessop                  


Mrs Michelle Erskine                   (Totara CRT Release)

Mrs Rachel Daniel                       (Totara CRT Release)



Learning Support Team

Mrs Mary McHale                                 Remedial Reading, French Extension Programme

Mrs Ann Baker                                    Remedial & Classroom Support                          

Mrs Leanne Turner                             Remedial & Classroom Support                          

Mrs Emma Ward                                 Remedial & Classroom Support                          

Ms Belinda Elley                                  Remedial & Classroom Support                          

Mrs Christine Ross                              Remedial & Classroom Support                           

Mrs Kathy Ameen                               Adaptive Physical Education & Sports Co-ordinator


Learning Centre/Library Team

Mrs Kathy Ameen                              Library Support

or                                                      Library            


Administration Team                                                

Ms Olivia Krammer          Administration Officer  

Mrs Allison Donaldson     Administration Assistant     

or                                    Administration Office  


Grounds Team

Mr Bruce Puklowski          Caretaker

School Chaplain        

Mr Malcolm Irvine

Malcolm can be contacted through the school office.