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Foxhill Learning Centre - The School Library

In 2003 the new Wakefield School Library was opened by the then Governor General, The Honourable Dame Sylvia Cartwright.

The new building was made possible from additional funds that became available when Foxhill School closed and their pupils enrolled at Wakefield School.  In recognition of this The Board of Trustees, principal, staff and students renamed the library ‘The Foxhill Learning Centre’.

Our vision is for our children to become 21st century learners, competent in accessing and evaluating information from a variety of sources, and confident lifelong learners who have developed a love for reading.

In pursuit of this we offer all the usual library services including research assistance and information literacy sessions.

Our up-to-date resources support the school curriculum, reflect our bi-cultural heritage, interests of the children and our diverse community, and extend knowledge beyond our own social and cultural environment.

The library is the hub of the school where children can read, play board, floor and card games, access computers, and relax in a safe environment.  Organised lunchtime activities include competitions and read-aloud stories.

Opac: (Online public access to the catalogue)
The catalogue can be searched from here.

Term opening times:
Monday to Friday:   8:30am – 3pm
Staff are available for circulation from 8:30am – 2:30pm

School holiday opening hours:
Wednesdays:   1pm – 3pm
Note:  Summer holiday opening hours differ from the above and will be advertised in the school newsletter, on this website and on the school notice board.

Borrowing limits:
Years 1 and 2 may borrow 2 books at a time.
Year 3 and up may borrow 3 books.
Pre-enrolls may borrow 2 books.

During school holidays the number of items a borrower may have at a time is increased.

Loan period:
The loan period is two weeks, this is extended at school holiday time.
Books can be renewed.

There is no charge for overdue items but there is a charge for lost or badly damaged books. Books that are overdue for longer than 6 weeks are deemed lost and will be charged for at the replacement cost.

Books can only be reserved if they are on issue to another borrower.

Books may be recalled at anytime - we ask that these books be returned within 3 days of receiving the Recall Notice. The issued due date no longer applies.

New books:
New books are on display in the library and there is a ‘New Items’ search feature in the Library Opac.

The library accepts donations and gifts that meet the selection criteria and will withdraw them in the same way as other library resources, as outlined in our Collection Development guidelines document.

Book care:
The library staff repair damaged books – please return any book that requires mending to the circulation desk.
We encourage borrowers to use a book bag.

Home schooled children:
Children in the Wakefield zone who are home schooled may borrow books from the Wakefield School Library. There is an annual fee of $25 for one child, or $50 per family.

Children pre-enrolled at Wakefield School are automatically added to the library borrower database.

Student librarians:
In Term 2 the library advertises for student librarians. The positions are fixed for the winter term.  Students are required to fill out an application form and undergo training.

Summer Reading Programme:
The library has implemented a Summer Reading Programme. This programme is similar to the programmes run by public libraries but is structured to meet the aims and purpose of a School Library. Places are limited and children who teachers feel would benefit from the programme are invited to join.

Community outreach:
We encourage parents, caregivers, local preschool and kindergartens to visit the library.

Books for parents:
We have a small collection of books for parents covering topics such as parenting skills, health and safety, and how to help your child learn. These books are available for issue to parents on a temporary borrowing card.

Requests for purchase:
Teachers, students, parents and legal guardians may make requests for purchase of items. Requested items that meet criteria for selection will be considered for purchase.

Challenged materials:
Wakefield School maintains that only parents or legal guardians have the right and the responsibility to restrict the access of their children to library resources, and should advise their children accordingly.  School staff are unable to take responsibility for restricting individual students from accessing specific resources held by the school library.

Complaints against a specific library resource are to be referred to the library staff. When a complaint cannot be resolved through an informal discussion advice will be sought from key members of the staff and the National Library. The complainant may be invited to complete the Challenged Resources Form.

National Library:
The school acknowledges the use of National Library Services for Schools guidelines and templates when setting library policies.

Contact the library:
Skype name:  Wakefield School Library